2019 First-Time Home Buyer Insights

A new release by Genworth Canada in collaboration with Royal LePage was published and distributed to media providing insights on Canadian first-time home buyers. The survey gathers data collected by Environics Research from first-time home buyers aged 25-40 who bought their first home within the last two years. Below are highlights from the release:

Key findings from the report include:

  • Provincial and regional data on first-time home buyers’ preference to buy a property closer to work rather than one that provides more square footage with a longer commute.
  • Insights into the level of anxiety among first-time home buyers regarding their ability to gather sufficient down payment for a property they want.
  • Information about the proportion of first-time home buyers who lived with family or relatives prior to buying their first home (17% nationally)

To read the full article visit : www.royallepage.ca/en/realestate/news/most-canadian-first-time-home-buyers-anxious-they-will-miss-out-because-of-an-insufficient-down-payment/



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